CVS Helped Cure My Winter Blues

IMG_3823 IMG_3824

Lately I’ve been missing the Thanksgiving and winter holiday deals in the drugstores.  Nothing beats using coupons to get items you use for close to free, or free!

This little purchase above for $4.19 was my “pick me up” from CVS.  Seasonal bags of M&M’s, a liter of mouthwash, and expensive laundry detergent — all for $4.19.

My mom was happy, and my dad guessed I spent $20!  And look how beautiful the peanut M&M’s look in this glass jar!  Delicious and decorative  🙂


Summer Is Coming, So I’m Trying to Eat Lean


I was watching The Bachelor, and in the episode Juan Pablo and the women went to New Zealand.  One of the activities required bathing suits, because they were sliding down this giant hill in water-filled balloon/bubble structures.  Anyway, one of the contestants was wearing a white, one-piece bathing suit with fringes, and large cut-outs on the side.  My plans of buying the bathing suit got me thinking that I need to try to eat healthier and shed a few pounds with summer around the corner…  Here are a couple of the dinners I made this week:


Kale and potato soup with delicious homemade broth.  (I made the broth my simmering water with a carrot, celery, onion, and some spices.)  I really like making my own broth, because I know it’s lower sodium and not full of preservatives.


Baked scrod topped with capers, sautéed asparagus with garlic, and beluga lentils with diced celery and carrots.

Healthy, Homey, Southern-Inspired Cooking


Turkey/chicken/beef-free gravy from scratch with…


Baked cauliflower topped with spices.  (The cayenne pepper is what makes it red.)


Here’s the final product… homemade cornbread, the cauliflower, and turkey meatballs with gravy on top.

Get Your Tea Cups and Saucers Ready! It’s Tea Time!


I’m excited about these teas!  I especially love the Vanilla Chai tea.  When I make it, I mix in a little honey and skim milk, and sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Such a delicious treat!  Most of the chai teas make me hungry, because they feel like you’re drinking dessert without eating it!

Green tea is always refreshing and detoxing.  With the Red Raspberry tea and the Pomegranate Black Tea, I plan to make iced teas.  Bring on summer!