Beyond Proper by Boston Proper: A Catalogue Fashion Company with Great New Summer Clothes

I have never heard of this website/catalogue called Beyond Proper by Boston Proper, but I’m really loving their stuff.  (It seems like one of those online-only boutiques, with lots of cute more trend and seasonal items.)  I just got this catalogue in the mail, and some of their items really have me excited for spring, summer, warm weather, and traveling!

This is the cover of the catalogue:img_5517

Here are some of the pieces that I really like, but would obviously have to try on! 🙂

I love how this bathing suit is low cut in the bottom, and has a very interesting and woven rope-like design deep into the back.  The skirt on the right, I could just imagine being loose and flown, and easy to match with a lot of simple tops in white, black, and maybe even grey.img_5507

Here’s the same skirt shown with a different top below:img_5505

I love this slinky bathing suit top that turns into night.  I could totally see this worn with high-wasted pants for a dinner date.  I think this could be a fun top if your pool time is going to turn into happy hour time.  At the very least, I like the idea that this is a bathing suit, and when you feel like wearing something sparkly you can actually wear it in a city setting without a pool or beach.img_5500

I love the chic design of this bold striped bathing suit, and I think it could be one of those pieces that’s very slimming.  My picture definitely doesn’t do it justice!img_5503

I think this black bathing suit is fun, and could look good on a lot of different people.   I also think you could easily mix-and-match this bathing suit with other bathing you already own.  I also think the flowy top of the bathing suit would be something really fun to wear with shorts for a sweaty bike ride!  img_5508

I love textures and things that have movement.  At first glance this looks like a dress, but it’s actually a two-piece skirt and top that can be worn separately.  I love that there are a lot of outfit options here, and the top can be work with jeans or silky pants, and the bottom can be dressed up in a variety of ways.  The catalogue gives you one idea of wearing it with a white button-down and denim jacket.img_5504

This blue dress is so perfect for a tropical vacation.  I’m ready to pack my bags!img_5506

These two sweetheart off-the-shoulder tops are definitely items you can incorporate into a vacation wardrobe as well as your city wardrobe.  I love that you wouldn’t need a bra with these tops, because when you’re packing, it’s annoying to have to remember the correct bra for every outfit variation.  One less thing to pack here!

These sequined sweatpants are just cool, and I really want a pair.  I would feel totally comfortable wearing these sweatpants to Whole Foods, and enjoying a casual day out.


These last two items are also notable, and I’d have to see how they fit when I try them on.  Sometimes items like these can be bulky and make you look bigger than you really are due all of the fabric.  From first glance, these items might be better on someone very petite, but would definitely need to try them on.

Can we start counting down to hot weather already???  I can’t wait!!


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