A Statement Coat: What is it? A Closet Staple and Perfect Wintercessory

It’s seriously cold in New York — I mean “bomb cyclones” happening on the East Coast?  With so much drab weather, I love adding some fun and fashion to winter.  I saw this Ted Baker coat and thought to myself — perfect STATEMENT coat!  I tried to buy it online but could not find it in my size.  I’m a month or so behind on looking through my magazines.  I have subscriptions to Glamour, InStyle, Vogue, Elle, and the list goes on.  It’s hard to keep up!  (Note: I traded in all my American Airlines and United miles for subscriptions to magazines with a program called “Mags for Miles.”  No one has my credit card number so I have not been charged as the subscriptions expire.  I highly recommend doing this if you don’t fly with particular airlines.)  Anyway, back to statement coats…

What is a statement coat?

A statement coat is a coat that is very visually prominent, bold, and has flair.  It is not your average Monday through Friday black pea coat that you’re wearing to work.  It’s louder and more elaborate than what you would typically wear.  Think of this item as your “glass slippers” effect coat that you wear to get that extra outfit “oomph.”  The “statement” can manifest itself in a variety of formats — loud colors, interesting textures or furs, embellishments and adornments.   This is an oxymoron, but it’s a practical accessory; it keeps you warm in frigid temperatures, and it’s also an accessory that pulls together your outfit.

Why buy a statement coat?

  • A statement coat helps make a boring or monotone cold weather outfit more interesting.  During the fall and winter, we tend to wear a lot of neutral and dark colors such as black, navy, gray, and tan.  A statement coat can help you add that pop of drama.  It’s an easy way to add interest to your outfit and make your ensemble more unique.
  • You’ll have ample opportunities to wear your statement coat.  There are a lot of holidays, parties, and outings in the colder months where people dress more festively.  Depending on the coat, you can continue wearing it right up until spring time.  (I wear mine from November to March.)
  • A statement coat can be a quick outfit upgrade from casual to dressy.  If you’re wearing something very daytime, like jeans and a shirt, or a simple dress, throwing on a statement coat is quick way to transform from informal to formal.  This is the same concept as putting on that special pair of stilettos to elevate your otherwise downright dowdy jeans look.

Four tips on buying a statement coat:

1.  Buy a shade that you really like but wear sparingly.  If you love the way red looks on you, but wear a navy coat everyday because it’s practical — get a red one.  Don’t buy a bright green coat just because it looks great on a hanger.  Try it on!  Speaking of red, here’s a great red coat I saw when I passed Giorgio Armani on Fifth Avenue yesterday.  This is just an example, no need to spend thousands of dollars!


2.  Don’t get something that is overly trendy.  For example, the 1970’s bell sleeves made a comeback recently, but they’re a trend that is bound to disappear again.  The coat should have a long shelf life in your closet considering that you will wear it less.  My mom has a burgundy and fur Givenchy coat that only makes an appearance a few times a year, but she’s had it for over a decade now.

3.  Don’t buy a statement coat if you do not already have a good everyday coat.  You should be practical and have solid everyday items, before buying things that are worn more sparingly.

4.  January is a great month to buy this item at a deep discount.  Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and all  run-of-the-mill stores are running promotions to get rid of their winter merchandise.  Generally, all of the less traditional items are leftover from the winter collections at stores.  Bright or non-neutral colors, non-traditional patterns and textures are leftover and on sale!

Here is my favorite statement coat that I own!  I bought it for less than $200 at an end-season-sale.  I’ve had this coat for about four years and I love it!  Happy shopping everyone!


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