Transportation From Palm Beach to Miami

We had to attend a wedding in the Palm Beach area recently, so we decided to stay in Palm Beach (Worth Avenue! Woo!), and then extend our trip to Miami. There was one problem. We didn’t want to rent a car, and we were going from The Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach, to Fontainebleau in Miami. Believe it or not, we ended up taking an Uber for the 70 mile drive. Since we had so much trouble finding information on transportation from Palm Beach to Miami, I decided to write it out. Here are all of the modes of transportation that we found:

1. Uber

  • Pros:
    • It’s a door-to-door service, and you don’t need to share your space with anyone, or carry your luggage around.
    • Scheduling this is obviously pretty easy, considering all you do is call the car on your phone and you don’t even have to talk to anyone.  Before we started piling ourselves in the Uber, we also went outside to make sure the driver was okay with driving that far.
  • Cons:
    • It’s unpredictable whether someone would be willing to pick you up.  It is best to have a back up plan.  Our plan was to wait at the hotel and get a car service if Uber didn’t work out.
  • Cost:
    • $85.35 was the cost for UberX.  It could be more or less depending on if you get a nicer Uber, or split this cost with others.

2. Car Service

  • Pros:
    • Similar to Uber, this is also a door to door service.
  • Cons:
    • You have to arrange this with your hotel ahead of time, which means you should also check what the cancellation policy is if you no longer need the car service.
    • Also, unless you want to go out doing research on South Florida car services, you’re generally stuck with the quote that your hotels provides.
  • Cost:
    • For us it was $149 going from The Chesterfield to Fontainebleau, but it depends on the pick-up and drop-off.  The $149 also would not have included any gratuity/tip.

3. Tri-Rail Train (South Florida Regional Transportation Authority)

  • Pros:
    • It’s cheap.
  • Cons:
    • It will take you two hours from the Palm Beach International Airport stop to the Miami International Airport stop, plus any additional travel time from wherever you’re starting off.
    • You have to drag your belongings and luggage to and from the train, and from wherever your starting point is–airport, hotel, etc.
    • The train option is really only convenient for certain locations.  The train runs from the Palm Beach International Airport to Miami International Airport.  Unless one of the stops in between is close to where you’re going,  you would need to arrange transportation from your hotel to the train, and from the train to your next hotel/location.  Otherwise you
  • Cost:
    • $5 per person plus the transportation to and from the train locations.  For us this would have added an extra cost of $15 from the Chesterfield Hotel to Palm Beach International Airport and then about $20 from Miami International Airport to Fontainebleau.  This would have amounted to $10 for the train plus $35 for the two Uber rides, making it $45.  For another forty bucks, we took an Uber door-to-door.
  • Link:

4.  Public Bus

  • Oh dear.  Buses are an option, but I’m not sure what you would have to take.  If you would like to take public transportation, I recommend taking the train.  At least you won’t be stuck in traffic!

This analysis depends on how much time, luggage, and money you want to spend.  If you have no luggage at all and are very close to the train stops, the train may be your perfect option.  If you have multiple suitcases, and are inconveniently far from any of the train stops, you may end up taking an Uber.  Happy trip planning!  Cheers!



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