Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona: A Dream Come True and a Must Visit U.S. Destination

I would have never in a million years pictured my honeymoon somewhere without a beach.  No way.  However, for part of our honeymoon, my husband and I went to Sedona — a rocky desert without water.  Now that it’s over, I wish we stayed more than three nights.  I’m obsessed!  We stayed at Enchantment Resort, a five star luxury resort with a destination spa (Mii Amo) on site that people travel to from around the world.  The price of rooms start at around $400 per night, and treatments at Mii Amo start at around $190 per person.  We literally checked in and didn’t leave until the day we checked out.  (The one time that we left was for a jeep tour, but the excursion actually started and ended at the resort.)  The scenery in Sedona is unreal, and there’s really no reason to leave the resort.  Did I mention that the property is so large, they transport you by golf cart?!

If you’re wondering why we chose a rocky U.S. desert versus an exotic sandy beach for a honeymoon:

  • We had a destination wedding in Miami, so we had plenty of palm trees and beachy surroundings.
    • Our wedding consisted of three days of events, so we were in Miami for almost a week by the end of the wedding weekend.
  • We did a lot of traveling around Europe the year before, so European destinations weren’t on our list.
  • The Caribbean was only a few hours from our destination wedding in Miami, but the Zika epidemic…
  • We wanted a short flight from Miami to the honeymoon destination
    • Neither of us wanted a 20 hour flight to a far destination halfway across the world, (especially not for a 10-day honeymoon).  Said 20 hour flight would be really uncomfortable if it wasn’t first class.  I mean how romantic and relaxing  is it to be squished on an airplane for almost a day?
  • Staying at a secluded full service resort in the desert serves the same purpose as staying at a secluded full service resort where there is sand.
    • Beauty is found in different types of natural scenery.  I have friends that traveled around Ireland for their honeymoon!

Anyway, back to the point here.  Sedona is amazing, and I am excited to visit again in the future.  I love Enchantment Resort because the property and amenities are well-organized, and they strive to make everything full service.


The resort has several different restaurants that vary from casual, to health-centric, to high end, and of course, wonderful room service.  The restaurants are located in the main clubhouse, and in Mii Amo Spa.

  • Che Ah Chi.  The highest end restaurant, Che Ah Chi, was actually featured in Wine Spectator magazine and won one of their 2017 awards for having one of the best wine lists.  This award was alongside some of the finest restaurants, such as Daniel Boulud’s two Michelin star “Daniel” in NYC for example, so an award speaks volumes.  I had an amazing homemade pasta here one night.  I actually attacked it so quickly that I forgot to take a picture!
  • Room Service.  Room service is a must for breakfast.  I’m not normally a room service type person because I like to get up and get out when I’m on vacation, but it’s so nice to enjoy the peaceful view from your room and get ready for the day ahead.  Our terrace had a tree in front of it, so it felt like we were partially in our own little treehouse.  Even if you don’t get room service, every morning they bring you two small fresh orange juices in a little aluminum pail.  I love cute little buckets! 🙂  The picture below has one of our amazing breakfast spreads, and at the bottom left are the daily orange juices.


  • Mii Amo Cafe.  Mii Amo Cafe is the cafe/restaurant at the spa.  They have lots of healthy options, and we ate there different times for both lunch and dinner.  The outside seating is beautiful, especially during the evenings.  The lunch options are amazing, and it feels good to eat healthy after hours in the sun.  Bring on the wheatgrass shots!  And…we had a couple actual drinks as well….  Mmmmm probably the first espresso martini ever served at Mii Amo Spa lol


There are two main pool areas, and there are smaller pools spread throughout the property. The main pool is open to everyone, and the pool at the spa is 18 and over.  (The entire spa is actually 18 and over.).

This is a photo from the outdoor pool at the spa:img_3650

This is a photo from the main pool.  (A word of caution that sometimes there were kids at the main pool, so we spent a lot of pool time at the spa pool.)


The resort organizes almost non-stop activities for guests, and they had a comprehensive booklet/pamphlet summarizing everything.  These activities varied from bike rides to wine-tasting, and the fee varied according to the activity.  We chose to take part in a wine and food pairing that was $25 per person.  It ended up being just us, another couple, and the sommelier, so it felt like were having our own private session.  We sampled around four to five red, white, and sparking wines.

Part of the tasting plate:img_3656A wine tasting with an exquisite unique view:img_3654Here’s a picture of the event described on an iPad in the clubhouse:img_3658Similar to beach destinations, where you can snorkel or choose to just lay on the beach, you can really make Enchantment Resort as active or as relaxing as you want.  If you want something action-packed, you can hike and climb rocks, or mountain bike.  Conversely, if you want to relax you can enjoy the serene scenery and relax at the pool or spa.  Our honeymoon was mainly relaxation-based, but we did go on a jeep tour.  The original company for these excursions in Sedona is Pink Jeep Tours.  They offer several different routes; some are smooth, some bumpy, others feel like a roller coaster, etc.  We opted for one that was extremely bumpy called the “Diamondback Gulch” tour.img_3699img_3684img_3700I felt like I got an ab workout from the jeep tour.  The only thing holding you down to the jeep is a loose seatbelt, so you’re constantly working your abs to stay upright.  I was so exhausted that I fell asleep for two hours afterwards.  Yep, by the time my husband turned around, I was in bed lolimg_3707Another seemingly obvious activity, but worth mentioning is that there are acres upon acres of property.  It’s an entertaining activity to just walk around and enjoy the scenery.    We found a teepee during one of our walks.  

Enchantment Resort also has deer that live on property.  They don’t bother anyone, and they don’t come near you. The clubhouse is beautiful, well-air conditioned, and has fruit-infused water for the taking.Grab a drink at happy hour!


Sedona is a place that is all about spiritual healing, mediation, mindfulness, and reflection.  Time moves slowly, everyone is patient, it’s quiet, and people are Zen.  It’s the perfect place to relax and spa.  We had three different treatments at Mii Amo.  We each had a facial, we did a couples Sedona clay treatment, and a couples aura soma reading.  Since it was honeymoon, we were trying to stick to treatments that we could enjoy together.  Of the three treatments, the only one we could not do together was the facial.

There’s an indoor cold pool at the spa with a tranquil seating area right across from it.  The waterfall cascading into the pool creates a relaxing experience.


Sedona is spectacular, and Enchantment Resort in particular is a magical place.  We will definitely be visiting again.  Until next time…


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