Mule Trend + Velvet Trend = Velvet Slippers

I have been trying to capitalize on the mules/slides trend.  Traditionally, I’ve thought of mules as really old fashioned kind of comfort shoes.  However, this season there are so many dazzling options.  Just go to any store or browse online, and there are tons of choices for trendy mules.  Some of them are very of-the-moment, and others are arguably more “classic” styles.  I personally love the ones with fur and the ones with velvet, because I love texture.  (FYI:  I love texture so much, I only buy 3D cards from Papyrus lol)  Another trend I really can’t get enough of is this velvet trend.  I’m all about velvet accents, velvet shirts, velvet booties — I love it!

When I came across these burgundy velvet mules on Neiman Marcus Last Call, I thought I hit the jackpot.  I wasn’t looking to spent too much money since I thought of these as more of a “trend” purchase rather than a long time closet staple, and at around $100 these are perfect.  They are such a statement piece, and they add pizzazz to so many fall and winter outfits.

I bought these, and what did I see the next day in Glamour magazine?  AHEMMMM!!!!  A little blurb on how velvet slippers are a great way to incorporate the velvet trend into your wardrobe this season!  Win and win!

Now where is my wine….


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