Take the NYC Ferry and Skip the Subway on a Nice Day: Wall Street to Astoria

I live in downtown Manhattan, and I had to run an errand in Astoria today.  What better way to get there on such a beautiful day than by boat!  It was my husband’s idea to take the ferry rather than the subway.  I know…you’re probably rolling your eyes right now…  On the weekends though, getting from downtown Manhattan to Astoria, Queens is annoying and time-consuming (about 45-50 minutes on the subway).  It takes 45-50 minutes on the boat too, but better to float along the waterways than traverse the city tunnels!  $2.75 is much better spent on a scenic ride than on the subway, and you can even buy beer on the ferry!  There are other refreshments on-board as well.

This wasn’t just any old boat; this was the New York City Ferry system!  I’m sure you’re skeptical reading this, but the boat was actually clean.  On such a warm day, it was a scenic fun alternative to taking the subway when it’s perfect and 85F degrees outside.  My husband claimed he loved the boat ride so much, that if he ever had the need to, he would commute using the ferry!  (Don’t worry there’s indoor and outdoor seating!)  We took the route from Wall Street to the bottom of Astoria Park.  The stops beginning from Manhattan are:

  1. Wall Street/Pier 11
  2. East 34th Street
  3. Long Island City
  4. Roosevelt Island
  5. Astoria

Magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge as you leave Pier 11:Views of all of Manhattan’s major landmarks!There’s the UN!Long Island City stop right by the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign along the beautiful new LIC waterfront:Passing by the Roosevelt Island stop:Selfie time!  We’re about to get off the boat! 🙂
I highly recommend taking the ferry ride if you’re looking to enjoy your commute!


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