Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe “inspired” sandwich on day one, and an egg scramble on day two.

I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I crave something bad!  I also really, really didn’t want to go anywhere on Friday, so made sure to get my FreshDirect order for the day before.  I came up with the idea of a Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe “inspired” sandwich.  My goal was to make it as quickly as possible, and as healthy as possible.  Although, let’s be serious, it’s difficult to make hot meat sandwiches healthy.  I made it with a frozen baguette (love the FreshDirect brand), organic ground turkey, frozen organic broccoli, and provolone cheese.

I heated up some olive oil in a pan and started cooking chopped onions and garlic:

It’s important to have a drink when you cook on a weekend.  (Not pictured, is also the frozen baguette from FreshDirect.  It takes about 20 minutes to bake, which is perfect while I make the meat.)

Onions and garlic are always so aromatic!

Time to add the ground organic turkey meat:

Stirring it around with a wooden spoon and getting it nice and browned:

I didn’t have Worcestershire sauce, so I made my own version with soy sauce, hot sauce, white vinegar, salt, and pepper:

Then the broccoli goes in towards the latter part.  I also dressed the meat and broccoli again with salt, pepper, and sauces.



Bread is out of the oven!  I kept it on the warmer until I was ready to cut it apart.

I decided to make one mega sandwich, rather than two.  So I cut the bread in half down the middle, and lined the whole thing with provolone.

Top the bread with filling and put some more cheese on top.  Dinner is served!!!!

There was a lot of the meat and broccoli filling leftover, so the next day I made an omelette/scramble out of it for breakfast.  Take a non-stick pan, put an extremely small amount of olive oil, put it on low heat, and then throw the eggs over it, cooking everything on a low temperature.  All I did was take four eggs, scramble them in a bowl, add some black pepper, and pour them over the meat and broccoli.  Sooooo good!


Next weekend, in lieu of a cheesesteak, try making this Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe “inspired” sandwich!


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