Everyone was in the New York Fashion Week Spirit Today

I took a walk all the way from downtown today.  I must say that everyone was in #NYFW mode.  People’s outfits were better than usual, and everyone seemed to be taking pictures.  I walked through the Flatiron neighborhood, and Banana Republic had a live show going on outside.  Fun and loud!  The set-up was interesting.  The models were walking up onto a platform and posing, facing the opposite side of the street.  Then across the street a NYC TOUR BUS was loaded with all of the photographers!  I was WONDERING why the models were facing the other direction…  At first, I thought it was a promotional fashion show put on for shoppers, like they do sometimes in big stores and malls.  However, I guess it was half promotional half campaign. 

Here are some pictures below:The tour bus load of photographers:Check out the special lighting installation they brought in (upper right corner of the photo):A little further uptown there was a model being photographed in front of the Flatiron building and it was causing a stir:I told you everyone was in the spirit.  Look at these different pairs of ladies taking glamour shots:More commotion in a tent across the street:Alright if you insist, I will take a selfie too lolLet fashion ring!  Welcome to autumn!


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