My New Jil Sander Handbag: Discreet Designer Luxury

I purchased a new bag from Jil Sander recently, and I’ve worn it practically everyday.  I love that it’s a discreet bag, yet by looking at it, you can tell it’s designer and luxurious.  The leather is thick and durable, and the handbag’s details make it unmistakably designer fashion.  Unless you can read size seven lettering stamped into leather from a block away, you’d have a rough time identifying the brand.  It’s not covered in logos, or recognizable print.  Although do not get me wrong.  I love my Goyard…but I have been basking in Jil Sander as of late.  (I would also like to add that when I bought my beloved red Goyard bag, the brand was a lot less popular and not as many people in NYC were carrying it).  Using my Goyard for a pop of color during late winter:img_2866This Jil Sander bag is a perfect example of a fashionable, discreet, designer item.  From my standpoint, there are many benefits to buying more subtle designer items versus more blatantly branded items.img_4164-1Originally, the Jil Sander bag was $2,085, but I bought it at the boutique during their sale.  For my crazy bag ladies out there, you know that $2,085 is a far cry from the $5,000-$6,000 that a lot of brands feel comfortable charging these days.  I am not at all knocking the Chanel and Hermes bags of the world.  They have retained and continue to increase in value, because there is something to be said for longstanding tradition and quality.  Chanel’s bread and butter is to increase the price of the chain and flap bag every year!  Mind you, there are many very wealthy consumers who no longer buy Chanel bags.  They don’t want to be associated with the “I-just-spent-my-first-big-paycheck-on-a-Chanel-bag-types” of shoppers.  When you spend that level of money on a bag, you want to feel a certain level of exclusivity and originality.  The favorable price point of this Jil Sander bag, is just one of the reasons I think it’s a perfect example of subtle luxury, but still an elevated designer item.

Below are additional reasons why I love discreet handbags:

  • They’re chic and stylish.  They are a more subdued type of luxury that is not in your face.  Using the Birkin bag as an example is kind of trite, but think more along the lines of Mulberry, Valextra, and Bottega Veneta.  Mulberry has an iconic Postman’s Lock and tiny little tree logo.  Valextra also has an iconic closure that is completely non-descript.  Bottega Veneta is known for their woven leather, and doesn’t even have a logo on their goods.  It is a completely understated and subtle brand, catering to a client-base that appreciates luxury, craftsmanship, quality, and style.
  • Buying a blatantly logo bag doesn’t make you fashionable.  Matching your bag to your outfit, however, does make you look stylish and self aware.  Would you wear a big tote with your short going-out dress?  No, you wouldn’t.  You would look like you changed into your club wear in the bathroom at the office.  Regardless of whether your big tote is covered in logos, the style of your clothing still would not match the style of your handbag.  Your purse and clothing need to be dressed for the same occasion.
  • You can wear discreet bags longer.  Of-the-moment bags come and go.  Discreet bags are generally more classic shapes than the trendiest bag of the season.  Remember the Fendi “Spy” bag that debuted around 2006?  Remember the Louis Vuitton bags with the 2003 Takashi Murakami print?  Exactly…so does everybody else!  Which means that every time you take those types of bags out of your closet, everyone knows you’re bringing out a seasonal vintage. wrote a whole article in December 2013 when Gwen Stefani brought her Spy bag out from hiding lol 🙂  How could she?!

The Jil Sander bag is a simple practical bag with thoughtful details.  Here are all of the photos.  This is a look at its beautiful side profile.  There is an open pocket on either side, and in the middle there is a zippered compartment:

The bag is lined in red leather inside, which I love.  Below is an aerial glimpse inside.  I’m sorry it’s full of stuff, I’ve been using it non-stop!  There’s an inside flap for storage of small items.  I keep my work badge in there for quick access at all times.  If I’m about to get on the subway, I like to have my MetroCard ready in this flap ahead of time, so I’m not fiddling with my wallet:There’s also a hook to clip your keys on:A very ladylike, yet utilitarian bag:Here it is hanging out on the ottoman next to the world’s slimmest wine fridge:Once fall gets going, I’m going to buy some fur accessories to prepare the bag for winter.  For now though, I’ve been wearing it as is everyday to work during the summer:


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