Yachting in SoHo with Bloody Marys

I really felt like a Bloody Mary yesterday, and it had been way too long since I’d gone out to brunch in NYC.  I rarely drink Bloody Marys, because usually they’re way too heavy and it’s like having a second meal with brunch.  However, the one at Lure Fishbar is pretty amazing, and the large cocktail shrimp they give you is unforgettable.  The Bloody Mary Royale comes in at eighteen bucks, but it’s totally worth it.  The drink is so well-balanced, and you get an oyster shooter on the side!  We were walking uptown through SoHo, and we really wanted to go to a seafood restaurant for brunch.  This place never disappoints, especially that Bloody Mary–perfect!


For those of you who have not dined at Lure yet, the entire restaurant looks like a very luxurious wood and leather-paneled yacht.  It’s such a nice retreat going into Lure and getting away from the madness of SoHo shopping.  One of my favorite parts about the restaurant is how relaxing it is, yet how vibrant and youthful the atmosphere feels.

The restaurant opened in 2004, and it’s been very well-maintained in regards to the decor and the standard of food.  I’ve been to Lure Fishbar quite a few times over the years, and the seafood is always excellent.  I’ve always been pleased with all of my dishes, and I’ve visited for brunch, lunch, happy hours, and dinner.  Yesterday, my only gripe was that the hostess kept texting while we were standing in front of her waiting to be seated.  I won’t let a bored and annoyed hostess take away from all of my great experiences at this place!  🙂

Links to reviews:

Yelp 4.0

OpenTable 4.6

TripAdvisor 4.0


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