Fig and Olive Fifth Avenue During February 2017 Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is really hit or miss for me.  Sometimes, I have a great experience, and I feel like I tried a new place without committing to a full fledged bill.  Other times, I am disappointed and feel that the restaurant pre-prepared everything and I’m a sucker.  I had a great experience though, at the Fig and Olive right off Fifth Avenue.  I had an appointment at Pronovias a couple doors down, so it seemed like the perfect idea.  It was $29 well spent on a very leisurely lunch.  Okay, well plus $5 for scallops in my paella and extra $ for a bottle of wine…  I said it was leisurely, didn’t I?!

The appetizers were fresh and pretty.  I had the cold salmon appetizer with pomegranate arils and a nice salty soy type sauce.  It was refreshing, tasty, and peaked my appetite for the entree.  My mom chose to have a the carrot soup.  They brought the soup bowl with the “dry” ingredients first, and then they poured the liquid into the bowl separately.  I love when restaurant do that!  I think it elevates the dish and the whole dining experience.

Here is a good close up of the salmon appetizer:My mom and I both opted for the seafood paella, and paid the extra five bucks for scallops.  The consensus was that seafood was excellent and well-cooked, but the rice was very creamy and lacked that crunch and crispness that paella should have.There were two options for dessert, and we tried both.  One was a little pot of chocolate mousse topped with vanilla cream, and a little crunch nougat cookie on the side.The other option was a shortbread-type cookie spread with cream, topped with plumped berries and pistachio bits.I loved the fact that the cookie had the sugar coating on all the edges.  It was a good touch of sweetness, and it reminded me of those Danish butter cookies that are sold during the holidays.I would say Restaurant Week was a success!

3.5 Yelp

4.5 OpenTable

4.0 TripAdvisor



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