Locanda Verde: A Hustling and Bustling TriBeCa Italian Restaurant

I’d heard about Locanda Verde a few times, before I went.  People had raved about the food, and commented on the interior of the restaurant.  Well it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, as it was packed with people, and a little less fancy than I had anticipated. This is a great place to come when you’re looking for a more modern Italian experience in a busier environment.  (The same goes for the contemporary interior.)  So if you want a sparsely populated, quiet dinner, I wouldn’t recommend this place.  Locanda Verde has more action and noise than you’d want on a quiet date.

Here is the interior: As you can see, it was pretty crowded and the bar scene was lively.  As we were waiting to be seated, people just kept pouring in!

We had a great table for two by the window, but it did face the construction across the street.  Oh well, it was still nice to face outside.  They had an extensive wine list, and we opted for a bottle.  My preference is always dry red full bodied wine. There’s more of that construction I was talking about…The wine is poured and ready to go.  I always like to order a bottle of sparkling wine.  I like it for hydration, digestion, it’s a good palate cleanser, and it prevents hangovers if you have too much wine 😉  I really think the bottled water at restaurants needs to be cheaper like it is in Europe.  The restaurants in the US make way too high of margins on it. As an appetizer we shared the Steak Tartara Piemontese, and the Burrata.  Both appetizers were excellent, and the tartare was made just like I like it. The Burrata:Wonderful appetizers…For main dishes, my fiancé and I both got pastas.  My fiancé had the My Grandmother’s Ravioli:For a main dish I ordered the Bucatini Nero with mussels and “saffron crema.”  I happen to love black pasta, and whenever I see it on a menu I tend to order it.  It’s just such a novelty, since at the grocery store you only see regular or whole wheat pasta.  This pasta was a lot more creamy than it looks in the photo below.  Had I known how creamy it was, I wouldn’t have ordered the Burrata in addition to this pasta dish.  My suggestion is so to get one or the other unless you really like cheese and creamy sauces.  We didn’t get dessert this time, but maybe I’ll try it in the future.  I’ll be back here, and I’ll for sure get the tartare again.

This is a great place for a group of maybe 3-6 people.  It’s spacious enough, and the environment is conducive to louder conversation.  There are a lot of great reviews on the brunch here, so I’ll be trying it soon!

Links to reviews:

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