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Don’t Be Lazy About Dinner: Make a One-Pan Drumstick Veggie Bake

I cooked A LOT over the holidays, and I’ve been recovering from it slowly.  For dinner this week, I really wanted something nutritious but a one-pan dish that I could put in the oven after work.   So I decided to make a chicken drumstick and vegetable bake.  I’ve made this many times before when I’m pressed for time but want a home cooked meal. 

Now for my ingredients, I always use organic chicken because you just can’t trust the chicken anymore.   I had a lot of vegetables on hand, and others I had ordered with a small grocery delivery.  The purpose of this dish is really to just keep it as simple as possible.  If you only have green peppers and potatoes on hand, then use those.  (One time I made it with grape tomatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms.  So be creative with what you have lurking in your vegetable drawer! I put some photos of that one below.) 

I also mixed everything directly in the roasting pan.  I wasn’t kidding when I called it “one-pan dish.”  Rough chopped onion..Garlic:I had a leftover lemon in the fridge so I thought it would be flavorful to cook the chicken with some lemon slices on top. I had leftover carrot and celery sticks from hot chicken wings.  Don’t waste your time cutting things finely because the ingredients will bake down too much. I added some brussel sprouts and mushrooms I had, and small potatoes chopped in half.  Mix all the vegetables in the pan, drizzle them with olive oil, and season them.  I used salt, pepper, paprika, garlic salt, and a hint of cumin.  Then I arranged the chicken on top, drizzled olive oil over it, and seasoned the drumsticks directly on the pan.  I cooked them on top of the vegetables so that all the chicken juice could melt through the veggies. Then arrange the lemon slices on top of the drumsticks.  Add a little water to bottom of the pan. About the height of your pinky from the bottom of the pan. I cooked mine for about 1 hour 10 minutes on 425F degrees. My vegetables and chicken were densely packed, but if you’re using less vegetables and your pan is less full, you can cook on 400F. The final product!It looks beautiful and colorful on the plate, and I had leftovers for a second night of dinner, as well as lunch for myself the third day. Here’s the one I made with grape tomatoes a while ago lol even lived in a different apartment then!One-Pan Chicken Bake


– 4-8  drumsticks (I only had 5. You can use thighs or whatever you have.)

-one onion and garlic cloves to your taste

-potatoes, mushrooms, whatever you have 

-olive oil

-salt and pepper

-paprika/cumin/thyme or spices you prefer more


1. Preheat oven to 400F (425F if you have a mountain of vegetables like I did.)

2. Roughly cut all the vegetable and put them in pan. 

3. Drizzle with olive oil and mix vegetables. Then add all the salt, pepper, and spices and mix vegetables. 

4. Add chicken on top.  Season chicken. 

5. Bake for 60-75 minutes and keep an eye out on the progress. 



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