Cut at the New Four Seasons in Tribeca: Wolfgang Puck Picked the Soundtrack 

I live so close to the new Four Seasons that I see it everyday.  Wolfgang’s restaurant, Cut, is on the first floor of the Four Seasons. My fiancé and I have been meaning to try the bar and restaurant since they both look so nice from the outside.  This time we tried Cut’s bar, because we were already headed to dinner somewhere else.

You can enter the restaurant through the main hotel entrance, or you can go from the side door. Here’s the main hotel entrance:I went through the main entrance, and I suggest taking it for the full experience.  Nonetheless, here is the side entrance that leads directly into Cut:img_2120The bar area is dimly lit, with comfortable velvet seats, and all the decorations in a rich burgundy and gold theme.  There are large squiggly line neon lights everywhere.  img_2060My fiancé is from Seattle and he heard Nirvana playing in the background so he couldn’t hold back from making a comment about the music to the bartender.  The bartender was very engaging, and she explained that Wolfgang Puck himself handpicked the playlist.  I thought that was really interesting because I always think of these mega-celebrity chefs as completely disconnected from their restaurants.

Our drinks below are an espresso martini and a Manhattan.  The bartender accidentally spilled while making Mr. Seattle’s drink, so he ended up getting a little extra since she had to make an additional mini-batch–not the worst outcome!img_2059Also, kind of a random note but something I appreciated…  There’s a one-person restroom right outside the bar, so you don’t have to go trekking through the hotel lobby.

Having only tried Cut for drinks, I was happy with my experience.  I’ll come back again for another round and dinner!



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