Brandy Library is a Reminder of Why Sometimes You Should Pay $25 Per Drink: People Swing From Ladders to Bring Your Liquor

Going to Brandy Library reminded me of why I love good whiskey, scotch, and bourbon.   I went for pre-dinner drinks before eating in the neighborhood.  The average price of the whiskey/scotches are around $25-$30, but in terms of environment and service, you get what you pay for.  If anything, you at least get to sample a new spirit that you haven’t tried, before buying a new bottle for your home collection.

The entrance to Brandy Library plays to its name.  There are bottles lined up in different rows at the entrance.  Unlike a lot of other more exclusive bars that try to obscure their entrance, the stairs and door are prominent–kind of like an urban library.My dapper guy checking out the scenery before he strikes:The inside is lined with books and bottles, on floor to ceiling shelves. This is a picture from the inside of the bar facing the entrance:Those little egg lights on each table were very unique and helped set the dim lighting and calm mood.  Here’s our little nook at the corner of the bar:My fiancé and I each gave our preferences and the brands that we usually drink. The server came back with a suggestion, and let us each try a sip before we moved forward with our order.  One really cool part was watching our server climb a ladder in order to grab the proper bottle.  Loved it. They gave us a complimentary snack of warm mini popovers.  Look, I know the purpose of these salty snacks is to make you more thirsty, but I don’t care, and it’s a nice gesture.  Especially when you’re paying well over $20-$30 per drink pre-tax. The whole experience here reminded me of how much I love some of my favorite scotch whisky brands. For those of you who are curious, here’s a concise answer to the difference between bourbon vs whiskey vs whisky vs scotch.  Here’s another good article that has pictures and examples of the brands 🙂

I hadn’t tried Dalmore before and I got it for my 30th birthday while I was in London. Dalmore has really become a go-to scotch whisky for me.  (I also love that it came with two glasses!)Here’s one of my other go-to’s.   Don’t mind the drab-looking corporate housing decor behind the box. Here it is all poured out and ready to go.  I know, it’s a glass with little hearts on it–girls like scotch-whisky too.  (I also had just bought these glasses from Waitrose, the British grocery store.)It’s Thursday today.  Cheers to the weekend almost being here!  Grab yourself some nice scotch whisky and contemplate your future 😉


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