No Need to Trek to 32nd Street: A Little Piece of K-Town in TriBeCa

What a few days it’s been!  So many fun celebrations!  This is one of the best weeks at work too–between Christmas and New Years.  It’s slow, casual, and a more relaxed environment at work–woohoo for jeans in the office!

My fiancé and I kicked off the Christmas weekend Thursday night at Gunbae with a friend.  It’s a Korean BBQ place we passed by a few times that looked pretty new, clean, and elegant inside compared to other Korean BBQ spots.  (Sometimes the Korean BBQ places are absolute smog zones.)  We were just saving this place for the right occasion and type of night.  Gunbae fit the bill because we were looking for a fun environment, not really a quiet dinner, somewhere that was relatively casual but still nice inside, and where we could have a more extended dinner out–karaoke downstairs!  This is the entryway, and karaoke is down the spiral staircase:Here’s the inside:One thing I thought was really nifty is the bench space for coats and belongings.  I thought this was awesome because then our coats wouldn’t smell like Korean BBQ.  (I went to a place in Chinatown once where they gave you a plastic bag for your coat.  Storage bench is obviously a lot classier…)  More restaurants should do this, especially smaller ones with  limited amounts of space.  It’s really annoying when you’re sharing seating benches and people’s purses and coats are taking up seating space. We opted to start with Kloud, which is a beer brewed in Korea.  We also split a little carafe of hot sake, because it was cold outside and it seemed appropriate.  Here are the initial dish accompaniments for the meat:They scrambled/cooked the egg for us:We ordered the wagyu beef, the peppered pork belly, the seafood pancake, and the fried vegetable dumplings:We rounded out our dinner with the housemade cucumber soju.  Look at this lit up presentation:Off to karaoke after dinner to burn some of those calories…  The karaoke downstairs was extremely clean and new.  The song selection was thorough, pretty well updated, and the drink service was quick.  

I’d definitely recommend coming here for dinner and karaoke versus going to K-Town all the time.  It’s a little pricier but you avoid the gaggle of ten 21 year olds, and it’s a cleaner more refined version of other BBQ places.  It’s totally worth it to pay a touch extra.  (Gunbae also closes at midnight so you won’t get all the loud stumbling sloppiness lol.  There are plenty of other places after midnight to continue your party though!)  The food menu is not as huge as a lot of the cheaper places in K-Town, but the food that they do have is very good.  Next time I’m in the mood for Korean BBQ and karaoke I’ll probably come back here rather than go up to 32nd Street.  Kombe! (Cheers in Korean :D)

Links to Gunbae reviews:

Yelp 4.0

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TripAdvisor 5.0


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