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Christmas Decor in a Manhattan Apartment 

I love the holidays and all of the Christmas decorations.  My Christmas tree went up two days after Thanksgiving.  Whole Foods had a special Black Friday weekend where all of their Christmas trees were $29.99.  Can you beat that??  I try to be careful not to decorate too much, or it starts to look Santa’s workshop.  These are some of my Christmas touches.

Welcome to my Christmas home!img_1977You absolutely need some Christmas jingle bells dangling around the door knobs:img_1980I couldn’t decide between the stockings, so I actually bought four…img_1978img_1979My fiancé and I obviously aren’t married yet…but why not…  He insisted 🙂img_1983Christmas kitchen towels are a nice touch too 🙂img_1982My disposable napkin collection got a little crazy…img_1894TJ Maxx stocked way too many cute napkins.  I basically had to buy them all.img_1985I think the liquor collection got a little crazy too…img_1984Now moving on to the hallway…YOU HAVE TO HANG MISTLETOEEEEEEEE!!!!!img_1988Quick peek in the bathroom.  I love seasonal touches like bathroom hand towels 🙂Back out towards the Christmas tree….Spotted.  More.  Alcohol.  LOLAlmost to the grand finale…img_1994The Christmas tree!! Here it was today pre-Christmas Eve 🙂img_1989Still wrapping presents 😀img_1993Merry Christmas!


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