Amelie: A Great Unpretentious NYC French Wine Bar and Restaurant

I’ve been to Amelie Wine Bar a few times, and I’ve always had good wine and good food.   I’m putting it into my go-to bucket.  Most recently I was there on Saturday afternoon.  I was doing some final Christmas shopping, and really needed to stop by for food before the late dinner at home I had planned.  And what do you know…it was happy hour!

It’s quite the modern wine bar:The happy hour is a $12 wine flight where you can either try one of their pre-selected wine, or you can select any three of their by-the-glass wines.

I’m a huge fan of heavier, dry, red wine, so I customized my flight based on my taste.  I also immediately ordered three of their crostini at $3 each.  From left to right the crostini are: Tomato and Onion, Octopus and Lemon Yogurt, and Tapenade and White Anchovies. Of course, you also can’t go to a French restaurant without getting escargot… snails, snails, snails!  For happy hour they also have them for $6 rather than the regular $9 price.  Hey, any bit counts right?  Look at this little burlap sack of bread they give you for dipping into the garlic and pesto–too cute.The other classic you have to have while acting French is beef tartare.  This one is filet mignon tartare with a quail egg on top.  Quail Eggs and Stilettos loves quail eggs…They bring you the check in a book which is sweet and makes the bill interesting?  I mean I guess it’s better than a plain bill.  No bill is ever interesting right? 😉I’d recommend this place for happy hour, dinner, or a celebration of a few people.  Cheers!

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