Holiday Jello Shots Will Make Any Party Merry


Are you going to any holiday parties this weekend?  I highly suggest you bring jello shots!  I’ve made them for multiple parties and they’re always a hit.  I went to a holiday kickoff party recently, and I brought Christmas-themed jello shots.

Here they were firming up in the refrigerator:


Close up… (Yes, we actually also have food in the fridge not just jello shots and beer.)


They are so easy to make.  They literally only require three ingredients:

  • one package Jello-O (I used the sugar free strawberry flavor because I wanted them red and almost calorie free 🙂 )
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 cup ice cold water
  • 1/2 vodka

Put the jello mix in a big bowl.  Boil one cup of water.  Add the boiling water to the jello powder and mix for two minutes.  Add in the ice cold water and vodka.  Pour into plastic shot glasses.  Refrigerate four hours.  (I made eight jello packets worth of shots!)

When you’re ready to consume the jello shots, you can garnish them.  I put candy cane peppermint garnish on mine for the Christmas party.  I put candy canes in a plastic zip bag, and I got something I could mash the candy cane pieces with…  Here I am getting position:img_1790Ready!…Shot…I mean set…img_1792GO!img_1794(Careful not to break through the plastic bag though!)img_1796img_1799You don’t need to bake anything and they take 20 minutes to put together.  What’s better than that?


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