At Home

Grocery Delivery to Your Door in Under an Hour??  Yes.  It’s real.  FoodKick. 

I worked from home today because I have a terrible cold, and I overall feel disgusting.  All I  wanted is someone to hand me tissues and make me chicken noodle soup.  Since my fiancé had to go to work, I was left on my own.

I had some of the ingredients for chicken noodle soup, and I was dangerously low on tissues and tea.  I remembered I had a coupon floating around for something that said grocery delivery in an hour or less.  All I knew was that it’s called FoodKick by Freshdirect, and I love Freshdirect so I decided to try it.  Here’s the coupon and my sick station at the coffee table:img_1811I decided to go for it, and try FoodKick.  I mean they were offering $25 off and 60 day free shipping… I ordered my chicken soup and sick supplies, and 52 minutes later it was delivered:img_1812Here they are… I was so happy and thankful for technology, and it made me feel so much better to have some homemade chicken soup:img_1814…and tissues… Hello little nutcracker 🙂img_1816I’m getting started…Realized I didn’t have celery seed so I made do with sticking a celery stalk in there during cooking.  I also put in whole garlic cloves because garlic is so good for you when you’re battling a cold. All done!!!!!img_1820My soup was so ridiculously delicious, and I didn’t have to lift a finger for tissues or tea.  No complaints here.  I think the new FoodKick by Freshdirect idea is genius. Especially if they keep their delivery fee to $3.99 (even though I got it for free this time).  I’ll definitely be using this again.  I try to plan out what to get for the week, but it’s not always easy to do and sometimes special cravings come up.  Like tissues…  Also, did I mention how much I love NYC?  Where else can you get onions and tissues delivered to your front door?  #NYC


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