Put Down the Drink for an Hour. Go to the Whitney in Meatpacking. 

If you’re looking for something to do in the city to break up the monotony of going out for drinks and dinner on the weekends, I suggest going to the Whitney in Meatpacking.  The new location is hip and vibrant, and doesn’t feel like a stodgy old museum.  It gives the museum a whole new vibe.  (The old location was on Madison and 75th–not quite what you’d call “hip” 🙂 ) Plus the Whitney is open  until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, so even if you’re not a museum person, it’s worth to go walk around for an hour or something before dinner.  I went on Friday with a few people from out of town, and we walked over to Spotted Pig for drinks and dinner afterwards. On Friday’s the Whitney has “Pay What You Wish” so it’s all voluntary pay, but if you work for certain companies (or have friends that work for then) the Whitney gives a corporate discount so you don’t have to pay an admission fee.I’ll start with the outdoor part because the views from the terraces of the museum are 360 views of New York.  Rarely does a museum have such amazing outside portions.  And in true Whitney fashion, there’s still art out there to admire. Check out this amazing view and sculpture.  She literally looks like a body painted-woman that’s about to jump out at you at any second. They had a really interesting cinema art exhibit called “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016.”  I guarantee it isn’t quite what you’re thinking of… it was part club experience part movie experience but all very trippy.  It was composed of all separate rooms and areas set up with sound and light fixtures, projectors, adjoining screens, and all types of stuff.

Let’s step into one of the rooms…This exhibit below with the oranges was one of my favorites. They even had real oranges strewn around the floor.  Here’s a video clip of the experience:

My fiancé and I made some of our own art lol ….playing with shadows….A different exhibit I liked was this room that had a video playing and reels of photo tape or whatever this was, that you can step on and crunch to your heart’s desire:

#shoeselfieisfree  😀

Another cool exhibit was this rectangular shaped room with lights alternating flashing ceiling lights, and what looked like dead frogs stuck to the glass:There were also beautiful original prints from Disney’s Fantasia. Who doesn’t love that classic movie?? After the cinema art exhibit we went to quickly visit the other floors.  These two pieces below were my favorite from this part of the museum.  This sculptured woman was so terrifyingly real, even down to her veins:Last but not least, I loved this painting that is a recreation of the view from a bathroom in 432 Park Avenue:Anyone interested in buying a $70 million apartment?


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