Cranberry Sauce: The Skinnier Tastier Version of this Holiday Essential 

For those of you who have started perusing the holiday recipes, let me chime in. Cranberry sauce appears on a lot of the traditional Christmas menus I’ve been researching. I made it for Thanksgiving, and I’ll definitely make it again for Christmas. It goes well with any type of meat, whether you plan to make turkey, ham, chicken, or pork for your big Christmas meal. (I’m leaning towards a nice big piece of ham, or a large sized pork tenderloin roast.)  It’s also very bright, festive, and a good seasonal touch for the table.

I’ve been making my own cranberry sauce for a few years.  People don’t realize how easy it is to make, and it sounds impressive when you can say “it’s homemade from scratch.”   Another thing people don’t realize is how loaded it is with sugar.  Most of us assume cranberry sauce is healthy, because it has a fruit in its name right, so it must be healthy?–wrong!  In reality, aside from cranberries, the main ingredients in it are:

  • white sugar (or less often brown sugar)
  • orange juice  (Let’s face it, a lot of juices are just another form of sugar water.)

I’m all about cooking traditional dishes for holidays, but I really try to find a way to at least attempt to make things a little healthier.   This cranberry sauce recipe is all natural, and tastes the same as the white sugar cranberry sauce.  The only ingredients are cranberries, water, honey, orange rind (inside optional), and cinnamon.  Notice the two main substitutions I’ve made here:

White sugar -> honey
Orange juice -> water

If you really wanted to make it less calories you can use substitute sugar, but I don’t use fake ingredients at my house.  I used organic wildflower honey in my cranberry sauce.

I highly suggest making your own cranberry sauce.  You basically take the cranberries/water/honey, stir them a bit until they boil and pop, mix in any spices/orange rind you want to add, stir a little more, then refrigerate.  If you want to make it even prettier, I put a whole cinnamon stick on mine to make it look even more wintery and fancy 😀

Look how beautiful it is at the table:

I’m all about maintaining tradition and keeping as healthy as possible without sacrificing taste.  I’ll be making this again for Christmas!


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