Brunch at TriBeCa’s Marc Forgione

Guys, I realize it’s only Thursday, but it’s not too early to start thinking about a nice weekend brunch πŸ™‚

I was wedding dress shopping at Lovely Bride in TriBeCa, and I went for brunch with my parents afterwards. Β My dad wanted traditional brunch food, and didn’t want the tapas restaurant I suggested around the corner. Β He said he always leaves tapas hungry lol Β (There’s also a Sarabeth’s right there but it looked crammed to capacity and full of kids and strollers–no thank you, not relaxing.)

So Marc Forgione it was! Β Marc Forgione is American style cuisine, in a rustic, earthy, and dimly lit cozy setting. Β  I had remembered it because I was supposed to go there with a friend. Β (He also won Iron Chef!) It’s a little on the pricier side for brunch, but overall the restaurant has incredible reviews: 4.2 Yelp, 4.4 Google, 4.7 OpenTable, 4.5 TripAdvisor (links at bottom).

The brunch is $23.95 pr/p and it comes with everything bagel biscuits and an interesting carrot spread, maple fennel sausage, home fries, and bacon. No drinks are included in that price.

Here’s a closer photo of the wonderful biscuits. Don’t judge, we’re still waiting for our alcoholic beverages here:

It came with three biscuits, so I guess only one per person!

Is there even such a thing as brunch in New York without drinks? Β No. Β No, there isn’t. Β We had a bottle of rose that was on the more dry side:

Apparently we were all being super healthy that day because we all got the salmon and egg brunch salad:

You can see the bacon, sausage, and home fries here too:

I would recommend this place for a nicer brunch, and I plan to come back to try the dinner menu. Β The food is very good, everything seemed healthier and more natural than other restaurants.

The service was good. Β Our waitress was a little impatient, but then she was happy when we ordered a bottle.

If you’re looking for a rowdy, loud, and obnoxious brunch, then I wouldn’t recommend this for your outing. Β This restaurant is elegant, casual, and rustic-modern, but not pretentious, if that makes sense.

Since it’s very dimly lit inside and has decorations that are a little darker, I think it’s a great place to try again in the coming months. Β (The Sunday that we went it was very bright outside so we sat by the bar area by the window this way we can still enjoy the day outside.) I’ll be bringing my fiancΓ© back here for a Friday or Saturday dinner in the near future…
Links to reviews:

4.2 Yelp

4.7 OpenTable

4.5 TripAdvisor


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