Black Friday at Lord and Taylor: A Winning Situation 

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without Black Friday deals!!! 🙂 I love Lord and Taylor and I just couldn’t pass up the $20 off coupon they sent me.  It was for in-store use only, so they got me in there! Here I am preparing for battle…comfortably dressed in leggings and wedge sneakers 😀 

Made it to Lord and Taylor! I absolutely love how the ledge is covered with greens and it’s all lit up. So festive and when people are looking at the windows when it’s snowing/raining as the weather gets worse, they’ll stay dry and protected. 

I went in intentionally looking for Black Friday deals, and I already generally knew what I was looking for–sweaters with holes in the arms and leggings. Found exactlywhat I was looking for!

My new hole-y purchase…love this sweater!

And I just couldn’t leave this one behind either…

The second sweater is a lot more chunky, and I love the look of it. Very Flashdance!

I also managed to find velvet leggings and leatherette type leggings by BCBG. Obsessed.  I’m really into textures and I have a sweet spot for velvet because it so soft and comfortable. Overall, a successful two hours on Friday. 


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