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The Apartment Art is Coming Together, with More Purchases to Come.

I have never purchased an expensive piece of art before, but I found the first official item I want to buy.  It’s so perfect for a Manhattan living room.  Light, bright, and airy:

Before I get to that though, here’s some of the stuff hanging in my apartment right now…  Definitely all in the double digits in terms of cost! LOL (You have to start somewhere!)   I consider this corner of my apartment the “international corner.”  From top to bottom on the wall (all purchased in London):

The large canvas print on the left is a French bistro inspired still painting of wine that I just added to the collection 😀  You see why I call it my international corner now?


This canvas painting I also just purchased, and it reminds my fiancé and I of our summer vacation to Spain.


We visited Palma de Mallorca, and went to this beach called Illetas Beach that was about a 15 minute cab ride from Palma.  This painting literally looks like the lunch spot at Illetas:


The last of the art I have (for now):


The top one is a cool canvas painting I got years ago (maybe 2008? 2009?) from Urban Outfitters.  Love it!  The bottom one my fiance’s friend got us from the top of a mountain in Nepal.  It’s goes beautifully with the fiery peacock feather above it.  And of course, I love our view.  It’s not even necessarily a high floor, but it feels like we live in the sky.


So back to my story about the first piece of expensive art I contemplated buying as a long term investment.  I’ve been thinking about this print for a while.  Let me refresh your memory:

It’s a photograph of Prada Marfa which is a permanent art exhibit/sculpture in Texas.  Here’s the Wikipedia page on Prada Marfa.  I saw the print at this store in Soho called J’Adore Chic when I was taking a walk.  My fiance and I immediately liked the print and went to see how much it is.  The woman told us that it was $4,500, and we asked her if that price included the thin frame.  She was so rude, had a nasty look on her face, in her tone, and told us that the frame was $1,500 separate.  We’re paying tens and tens of thousands of dollars on our wedding in Miami right now, so we won’t be buying the print at this moment.  However, when we do, it won’t be from this woman or store.  As I have learned from Googling, there are so many places where we can get this particular large print, or something like it!

Another shot of the store we won’t be buying this print from lol.  Rude lady!!!

We’ll buy the print next year, but we’re definitely sourcing it from somewhere else!  My goal is to continue decorating my apartment, but to get a lot of stuff from street artists in New York.


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