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Manhattan Decor for a Manhattan Home

I love decorating my apartment with touches of New York.  I think it’s important to incorporate aspects of your surroundings into your home.  The inside should reflect the outside environment.  There should be a certain flow from outside to inside.  For example, you wouldn’t decorate your apartment with sea shells when you live in Alaska!  You’re more likely to see deer, antlers, and moose heads lining the walls. 

I found this Manhattan cheeseboard on one of my Bed Bath and Beyond runs, and I just couldn’t let it go.  It’s bamboo and it shows the different little neighborhood separations with artsy writing.  Not only is it a practical, but it looks perfect on the kitchen wall.  Here it is in its full beauty:

Here’s a close up of the board so the neighborhoods are a little more visible:

Next thing on my list is NYC street art, so the space has an even more urban and modern feel…


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