Las Ramblas in El Greenwich Village

Sitting all week at work is rough.  It’s so nice to walk around on the weekends and get some leisurely exercise.  Saturday I walked over three miles.  The halfway point was around Greenwich Village before I turned around and walked back home.  That mile and a half walk was exhausting and it was only natural to get a refreshing drink before my fiancé and I headed back home to figure out dinner.

We stumbled upon Las Ramblas!  (Later I actually realized I came a few years ago with my mom, but it was totally different.  The windows were open, it was summer, and warm…lol)

You can’t pass up a $15 pitcher of sangria!  ($15 for a pitcher from 1-4pm)  This is the red pear pitcher, and a little side of olives:

It was inviting inside with the all-brick decor and soft lighting.  Since we went at a bit of an off time, there were only two other people in there having a late lunch. Nice and quiet!

They had cute decorative miniature pumpkins suspended from ledges, and some pumpkin candles for the tables for the evening.

There I am on the way out!

I’ll have to get food next time too!  It’s not everyday I can get to Barcelona, or any other part of Spain for that matter; little pieces of it in New York will have to do.


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