Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or Wine Night at Tiffany’s?

I just moved in with my fiancé, and even though we’re still getting settled in (read: still waiting on our bed frame!), our good friend and his girlfriend came over to see the new place.  They were kind enough to bring us over a housewarming present, even though we haven’t had the official party yet.  They gave us a set of four Tiffany wine glasses and we can’t wait to use them!  Who doesn’t get excited when they see that robin’s egg blue box…

Definitely the most sturdy wine glass packaging I have seen:

Ta-da! Look at the size of that goblet!

There’s the little Tiffany stamp if you can see it in this photo below. Hard to get a close up…

I think people underestimate that old fashioned etiquette is still appreciated. Whether it’s a housewarming present when you weren’t expecting it, or getting physical mail, for example.  It doesn’t haven’t to be the most expensive gift in order to make an impact.  Which leads me to my next few points…

Tips for housewarming presents in the modern age:

  • people still like getting them!
  • never go somewhere empty handed
  • bring something you know the other person likes, and try to tailor your present to them
  • traditional brands are reliable
  • things like glasses or new coasters make really nice housewarming gifts
  • a celebratory alcohol like champagne or prosecco is a very nice gesture
  • potted plants (especially air purifying varieties)

We will be handling our new glasses delicately and with care.  This is a present we will have and treasure for a long time 🙂  There is definitely something to be said for treating yourself well at home.  There’s no reason to wait until you go to a fancy Michelin star restaurant, in order to treat yourself like a star!


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