Bonobos: A Modern, Tipsy, and Millennial Shopping Experience

My fiancé and I stopped at Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach while visiting Southern California for a wedding this past weekend.  New chinos were on his “to buy” list, so we stopped in at Bonobos.  He already has a pair of shorts he loves dearly from Bonobos, and since they’re known for chinos we thought he should give them a try.  As the sales associate  so eloquently stated, other brands of chinos give men “diaper butt”–sexy!

The store experience was probably one of the most modern shopping experiences I’ve had.  It was very pristine and organized in a very methodical manner.  We walked in to browse around, and we were offered beers–choice of either an IPA or a lager.  After doing my store once over, I sat down on the modern-designed couch and marble table.  Such a clean look!

Then the associates helped my fiancé figure out his sizing and measurements. (They were all walking around with iPads, and no cash registers were in sight.)  After picking out the pants and button downs he wanted, the associate came over with an iPad, made him an online profile, and took a picture of his credit card for payment. No swiping, no lines, etc. Everything would be shipped to our doorstep, (since the store doesn’t sell its merchandise directly), and we walked out with no bags. It’s like shopping online and getting to trying everything on!

The purchases came a few days later in a nice box with perfect packaging. I think Bonobos just gained a new customer out of my fiancé!


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