Calling All Happy Hour Oyster Lovers: Crave Fishbar

There are a lot of oyster happy hours in New York, but rarely are you able to choose from the whole menu.  Crave Fishbar in Midtown East, is an exception the rule–all oysters are $1 during happy hour.

It’s a beautiful place inside and the little outdoor seating area is also really nice.

Here are some of the oysters from Saturday (yes, happy hour Saturday!):

For the oyster afficionados out there, here a list of some of the oysters we had this time (first two are West Coast and the other is East Coast):

I tried the sangria spritzer, and it was so refreshing.  It’s $8 for sangria, and an extra $2 to make it a prosecco spritzer.  I love the touch of the bunch of fresh blueberries.

I’ve been going here since it opened.  The seafood is always fresh, the servers are all really kind and helpful, and it’s just overall a nice environment.  Here’s another photo from August 2014:

I love that the garnishes aren’t simply some roughly chopped lemons.  Crave gives you lemon, lime, and grapefruit pieces, in addition to the classic cocktail sauce and vinegar.

What’s better than oysters and bubbles? :o)

Restaurant link: Crave Fishbar


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