What to Wear to a Summer Vineyard Wedding

I went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend in Stonington/Mystic, Connecticut. It’s basically one exit before you get to the state of Rhode Island.  It was at Saltwater Farm Vineyards, and the marriage ceremony was outside. Here’s the couple!

I knew I wanted to wear a long dress because I was just itching to wear something a bit more formal and wedding-y.  I looked online and ended up ordering two dresses from Macy’s and one from Lord & Taylor.  Here’s the one I ended up buying from Lord & Taylor:

The brand is Betsy & Adam which I had never bought before, but it fit like a charm and it’s true to size.  The pink lining peeks nicely through the grey overlay, and I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate dress for the setting.  One of the best parts about this dress is that you don’t need to wear a bra, and up to a C-cup you’re fully supported.  It’s comfortable and feels like you’re wearing a soft, long, nightgown.  I bought it for $75.57 and it’s actually still available for that same price: Pleated Crisscross Gown Lord and Taylor

Some shopping tips for buying an outfit for a summer vineyard wedding are:

  • Be whimsical
  • Think flowy
  • Soft colors
  • Girly
  • Steer away from more harsh tones like dark reds, orange, turquoise, and rigid black fabrics. Those are really better suited for the colder months.
  • Be tasteful with how much skin you show since a winery is an elegant setting. Save more skin for tropical weddings 🙂
  • Leave your stilettos and pointy heels at home unless you want to be fully anchored into the grass.
  • Re makeup: softer and more delicate

I loved this dress so much when I saw it online, I actually bought the exact same on in red for an early fall wedding I’m attending.  This one I bought online from Macy’s when they were having promotion and paid a little over $100 for it.  (It’s still available Betsy & Adam Sleeveless Illusion Cutout Gown)  Couldn’t help myself!


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