Elegant Business Lunch Overlooking Canary Wharf

My boss took me out yesterday for our goodbye lunch, since she wasn’t going to be in today–my last day.  She’s fashionable, trendy, and enjoys quality food ingredients with beautiful presentation.  Not really a fish and chips type person 🙂   She chose Plateau for our lunch, which is right above Waitrose–loved it!  It’s such a tranquil and calm spot in the midst of crazy Canary Wharf with the suits running around everywhere.

We had a great table that overlooked the grassy field in Canary Wharf.  (It’s where they do many of the summer events, and the ice skating rink pops up in the winter.)


They do a prefix menu here of either two or three courses for lunch, and both options come with a glass of red or white wine.  We both ordered the same appetizer, which was a chorizo Caeser salad.


Their main course is a skewer, and they have different options like chicken, fish, and beef. They all come with the couscous with pomegranate seeds 🙂 and there’s my chimichurri sauce and a yogurt sauce.  So delicious!


I decided to do the three course and ordered a dessert.  There’s the gin and lemon sorbet below with a beautiful rolled wafer biscuit.  They also brought two shortbread-ish pyramids and two chocolate truffles for the table.


We stayed there for quite a bit since it was our last time working together in London, so by the time we left it was getting empty.  It’s a modern and edgy environment, with all glass windows and futuristic looking lighting sculptures.  If you look below, you can see their outdoor cocktail area in the background.  The tables are lounge type seating and cocktail-only tables, so it’s difficult to eat comfortably there.  Maybe next time I’m in Canary Wharf I’ll grab drinks there!


I also went here for drinks at the bar the week before, and I have a pictures of the drinks and bar seating indoor area.


Really relaxing bar area with a modern look to complement the food and drinks.

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