When You’re Craving Sophisticated and Fun BBQ…or Happy Hour :)

Canary Wharf is like a self-sufficient little island within London.  There are so many stores for shopping, bars, and of course, restaurants and eateries.  One of those restaurants is an American themed BBQ place, called Big Easy.  Big Easy is the nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana, and right here in Canary Wharf, a little piece of New Orleans exists…Canary Wharf  style 🙂

Today, I went there for lunch with colleagues since it’s one of my three remaining days in the office here.  The structure of course, typical of Canary Wharf, is quite majestic and futuristic looking.


We sat at one of the tables overlooking the water, and they turned on the heating lamps which was really nice of them.  Even though it is technically summery, it was quite windy.


They have daily specials for £20, and today’s was the “The Big Pig Gig.”  It includes pulled pork, ribs, chicken, beans, and of course, cornbread!  It even comes with a “schooner” of the house brew…


Three out of the five of us got the Monday special.  We were hungry today!


Gotta love those bibs!

I actually came here about a month ago for happy hour, and I loved the vibe.  It’s one of the reasons I decided to come back and try it as a group for lunch.  It’s lively and fun!

I think my colleagues will be back again next time!



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