Dublin, You’re a Good Craic

I had to go to Dublin for work these past two days.  I loved it!   Such a quick trip from London to Dublin.

I couldn’t check in right away, so The Marker Hotel let me go to their spa to change.  Had to go to work! Hi!


The hotel is so beautiful and modern…

I walked to to work afterwards.  Their financial district is very modern.

I liked it so much I took some photos at night too:


So many companies have moved to Dublin, assuming for the great tax advantage.  I saw Facebook near my hotel.


After dinner I was able to talk a walk and get the feel of the center.  Grafton Street is their main shopping street with all the typical stores but a few more unique to Ireland as well.



And of course the one and only legendary Temple Bar…


The next morning I had to get breakfast near work, but I was impressed with this great little place called The Natural Bakery:


There’s my massive cranberry scone… it took a lot of hard work to finish!  So good with an Americano…


My second day in Dublin I had a little over an hour before I had to run to the airport, so I tried to turn it into a mini pub crawl.  Okay, a very, very mini pub crawl…  My colleague suggested O’Neills, so I went there first.


This is the original part of O’Neills that has been there the longest.  So many beers on tap…if only I had more than an hour…


But when in Dublin you have to drink a Guinness…


The second stop of the pub crawl was going to be Stags Head, but it was really dark in there and it was such a beautiful day outside.


Instead, I decided to go back to Temple Bar.  They had live music in the middle of the day.  So fun, I wished I didn’t have to go to the airport 🙁


I specifically had a house brew in mind, so I went for a Smithwick’s Pale Ale.  So crisp!


Cheers!  There’s the band performing inside…


I walked back to work to get my bag, and all of these bars I walked through had live music.  It almost reminded me of Nashville.


I’ll be back for you in the future, Dublin!



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