Borough Market by London Bridge

My friend I went to Borough Market yesterday.  It was extremely, extremely crowded when we first got there around 1pm, but towards 4pm when some vendors started packing up it was most pleasant to walk around and buy different things.

This was the side entrance that we walked through:


(my friend in the white shirt!)

Then we got a beer and waited in line for a really popular grilled raclette cheese sandwich.  We saved calories by splitting it!  My friend goes skiing a lot in the Alps, and she was saying how this is really popular after skiing with heavy red wine.  Delicious!


Then we walked around and looked and looked at some of the vendor stands:

We took a quick walk over the water to enjoy the view.  The water looks about as clean as the Hudson or the East River lol but the view is nice:


Walked back towards Borough Market:


Had a glass of British rose wine (non-fizzy), which believe it or not was very good!  This whole booth actually was all British wines.


When in Rome… lol… had a small cup of Prosecco Spritzer!


Photobombing my own photo as we continued to the Spanish imports shop….


(There’s my friend paying in the background…)

Continued on to look at some sweets, beautiful cakes, and fresh seafood


That fresh Jurassic lobster above has blue tentacles, I thought it’s so pretty and exotic looking!

And then we walked around and went to Jose Tapas Bar which was also really nice.  Well it was a little stressful when the customer behind me spilled his whole octopus appetizer all over my back.  Then he felt so bad and he started rubbing my shirt with salt and a warm towel the manager bought him, and he said that when he’s not busy spilling food on people he works with fabric and clothing.  I managed to get the stains out, but here’s my selfie about 3 minutes before the spill:


I can’t wait for the next adventure!  Cheers, people!



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