Summer Friday Coffee and Sandals

I got to work today and there’s no one really here. Glad I didn’t bother dressing corporate. I had worn these boring flats to work because I didn’t know if you could do open toe, but guess what..when no one is here and one of the only other girls is wearing open toe… I popped down to Accessorize lol to check our their clearance sandals. I mean why waste a good long summer dress on flats? Β£14.50 (~$19). Β I didn’t just cruise downstairs to buy shoes though… I at least pretended there was an acceptable purpose and went to pick up a coffee. Skinny filter #yes can’t beat 99p for a cup at Pret. I’m not a big espresso fan so filter coffee with skim milk is my go to here in London πŸ™‚

New goodies on the left. Boring flats on the right.

Ahhhhh nice skinny filter :p


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