Zara in Europe is better.

In NYC, I never set foot in Zara because the merchandise always looks so cheap and low quality . . . but I have purchased so many things in the London Zara.  Work moved me here for 9 months, and I just can’t stop shopping the Zara sale lol.

My pictures definitely don’t do these tops justice.  I’ll have to post pictures when I’m actually wearing these.  They varied from £9.99 -15.99 (~$13-22).  The first top absolutely looks designer.  It’s a little hard to see when it’s bunched up, but you can wear it with a black pencil skirt to work, or you can wear it with a little higher waist jeans.  I would call it my Thursday work top, so I’m prepared in case we go to happy hour 🙂


This blazer is more fitted, and it covers your behind which is nice.  I plan to wear it this weekend with that black and lace top I bought (above).   It even has this really nice white stitching detailing that really makes the blazer more special.  I paid £29.99 (~$39) for this thing and I love it.  Did I mention how nice it is that the pound is weak right now?  Shop on, people!


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  1. I love that black top with the white lace!! God, I must travel to Europe just to visit the Zara’s! I shop there religiously, haha. Also, please check out my latest post when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot xx

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