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Helping Your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh


I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and there was a segment on helping fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer.  One of the tips was cutting the green leafy part off of radishes.  (I buy the radishes with the leaves still attached, because those taste better than the pre-cleaned radishes in the small plastic bags.)  He described how keeping the leafy greens attached sucks away moisture from the radishes.  I immediately went to my refrigerator and tore the green parts off!  Needless to say, my radishes still look fresh!

Similar to radishes, taking the stems off of stemmed-tomatoes keeps them fresher.  Then, turn them stem side down in a bowl and keep them away from light at room temperature.

Another good tip was to switch vegetables from the plastic bags from the grocery store.  When you get home, poke holes in either zip lock bags or any other plastic bag so the vegetables can breathe.  I also saw on the news that vegetables are not supposed to be wet like the way they are in the grocery store.  Grocery stores only spray them with water to make them look more appetizing to consumers.

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