A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned


Is there a difference between designer makeup and drugstore makeup?  Generally, I would say yes.

For a few years now, I’ve been loyal to Shiseido and Laura Mercier for foundation and powder.   My experiences with drugstore brands have ranged from bleak to poor.  For example, most drugstore mascaras I’ve tried either dry up too quickly or fiber clumps fall from my eyelashes.  But this new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation is better than my Laura Mercier!!  I mean don’t get me wrong, (as you can see from the picture), I still finished the Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme foundation because what sane individual would throw away $45 plus tax?!

The Revlon is creamy, soft, and more of a full coverage foundation.  It was $9.50 and 50% off so I paid $4.75 — you cant’t beat that price!  Buy it!  I urge all women using the Laura Mercier or similar Shiseido products to pocket the savings and spend that precious money on something else.


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