At Home


I was excited to read that according to CNN , many typical “comfort foods” are  actually full of nutrients and health benefits.  Below I listed all of the foods with my own pictures and any changes in parentheses  :p

IMG_3348Coffee (1% milk and no sugar)

IMG_1146Collard greens (spinach/broccoli soup w/ pepper flakes for lots of heat)

IMG_1405Chicken noodle soup

IMG_3409Pot Roast (w/ onion broth)


IMG_1527Red wine (oh, hey!)

IMG_3551Pumpkin (pie)

IMG_1093Chili (cooking ground turkey first)

IMG_3267Roasted potatoes

IMG_1289Mashed sweet potatoes (baked)

IMG_3114Hot chocolate (does this count?)

Chickpeas — I always put chickpeas in my famous bean salad, but apparently I’ve never taken a picture of the salad.

Roasted carrots — I add carrots to all of my soups

Here is the link if you want to read the CNN article: (

Hope everyone is eating healthy!


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