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Yesterday’s attempt at nutritious Christmas side dishes


Sauteed mushrooms with diced onions, dried parsley, black pepper, salt, and a touch of garlic powder.


Here I was trying to get really creative.  Oranges were on sale 5 for $2 at the grocery store this week which is pretty good for NYC.  In an effort to be healthy and frugal, I needed to be creative…  I’ve seen appetizers at restaurants that consist of watermelon and feta cheese, so I made my own version.  First, I diced up onions (I mostly prefer red onions) and put the at the bottom of the shallow serving bowl.  Then, I sliced up oranges and a grapefruit and threw them onto the diced onions.  Lastly, I drizzled the whole thing with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, and tossed the whole mixture around a bit.  So refreshing, and amazingly delicious with Christmas ham 🙂


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