Milestones in Parenting Lessons at Lord & Taylor



I was at Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave. today looking for a key holder.  A family friend got me a beautiful Chanel wallet but I know that I’ll scratch the leather in no time.  Long story short, in the Kate Spade section I overhead a dad giving his 5 or 6 year old son a life lesson.

As the little kid was ruffling through Kate Spade purses, the dad said to him in the most patient voice, “if you have a girlfriend one day you need to buy her a purse.  Girls loveee purses.  Alllll that girls think about is shoes and purses.  Okay?  Make sure to get her a purse.”

A little rough saying that all that girls think about is shoes and purses, but gender stereotypes aside…  This dad deserves a gold medal.  And the fact that he was saying this in the Kate Spade section…?!  *the crowd is clapping*


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